Social responsability

        After years of development, Mezolen SL has abandoned the traditional concept of taking profit as the only goal, and turned to taking on diversified social responsibilities.

Internal: Mezolen SL is a stage for employees to realize their value and tap their potential.
        Mezolen SL understands that talents are the key to supporting the sustainable development of enterprises, so it attaches great importance to the attraction, training and retention of talents. Respect personal wishes, pay attention to the needs of employees at different stages, improve the working environment, and reserve personal space. Invisibly improve the trust and satisfaction of employees, thereby improving the development height and dimension of the enterprise, and forming a benign relationship between employees and enterprises.

Progress together
        The needs of modern high-quality talents for work or career are no longer limited to economic security, but also to seek the embodiment of life value. Mezolen SL is committed to understanding the qualifications and personality of each employee, providing the best training plan, creating a lively and interesting working environment, expanding the working method of multi-dimensional thinking, stimulating personal potential intention and direction, and promoting the personal progress of employees while ensuring that future competitiveness of enterprises.

Flexible mechanism
        Mezolen SL understands and values the health and quality of life needs of its employees and provides flexible working hours to coordinate life and work.

External: Mezolen SL supports social activities and assumes social responsibility
        As a company controlled by the Spanish Listarens family business, Mezolen SL came to China to bring assets, resources and technology to increase social wealth.

        Mezolen SL cooperates closely with many universities around the world, such as the University of Cataluña and the University of Granada in Spain, to provide employment opportunities for professionals, and to cultivate batches of more outstanding professionals for the society.

        Since the new crown epidemic swept the world in 2019, Mezolen SL has been paying attention to the epidemic situation, improving internal and external epidemic prevention measures, sharing epidemic prevention materials, driving employees to promote active anti-epidemic thoughts and policies to their families and surrounding areas, and supporting Anti-epidemic work of local communities and streets office.