Discover Mezolen

        Mezolen SL is a traditional Spanish manufacturer of ultrasonic flowmeters, it is controlled by the Spanish Listarens family and has two R&D centers, located in Catalonia, Spain and Colorado, USA.

Spanish R&D Center
        The R&D center in Catalonia, Spain, is the first R&D center established by Mezolen SL, located in the beautiful coastal city of Tarragona. The ultrasonic flowmeter, with a new structure designed by this R&D center and certified by SIL II and SIL III, is designed in strict accordance with IEC61508 standards, is used in SIS systems in various industries around the world, and has been continually praised since its release. The ultrasonic flare gas flowmeter developed by the R&D center that meets the environmental protection certification of various countries in the world strengthens the user's monitoring and management of waste gas, and helps to control the combustion system. according to the working conditions, thus effectively reducing waste gas pollution to the environment and meeting the global requirements of "carbon neutrality" and "peak carbon". The intrinsically safe ultrasonic flowmeter developed by the R&D center has a low power consumption design and can be applied to most explosion-proof conditions.

R&D center in the United States
        The Colorado R&D Center in the United States is the second R&D center established by Mezolen SL after the Catalonia R&D Center in Spain. It is located in the classical city of Westminster. With the development of artificial intelligence, the Westminster Research and Development Center, known for its algorithms, has more and more prominent functions, and it is believed that it will lay a solid foundation for the birth of the next generation of artificial intelligence ultrasonic flowmeters.