Ecological Sustainability:

         Mezolen SL's mission is to bring precise measurement to every aspect of our lives, to achieve precise control and reduce wear and tear.

        We always adhere to the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), adhere to the policy of sustainable development, implement a green culture, attach importance to environmental protection issues, balance the relationship between production and environmental protection, and synchronize production methods with pollution prevention.

        We closely follow the international concept of carbon neutrality and peak carbon, and achieve carbon reduction business goals. We are dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of production, operations, products and services. Promote energy saving and emission reduction and circular economy development in various industries through professional innovations and solutions, and continue to guide all parties in the industrial chain to build a low-carbon society.


Innovative Sustainability

         Mezolen SL has always put innovation at the heart of the company's development.

        From an unknown factory, it has developed into a leading ultrasonic flowmeter manufacturer with two R&D centers in Catalonia, Spain and Colorado, USA, and has a number of independent intellectual property rights. Mezolen SL has always been adhering to the concept of continuous innovation, advancing with the times, continuous technological innovation, running at the forefront of the industry, and providing the most advanced and accurate measurement solutions for all walks of life around the world.


Cultural Sustainability

         Professionalism, initiative, cherishing and harmony are the four basic cores of Mezolen SL culture. Facing the ever-changing internal and external environment, Mezolen SL has developed the concept of "Three Sameness" based on four cores:

        Concentric with employees: Provide a comfortable environment for employees, and continue to work together with employees with high fighting spirit, full enthusiasm, and solid work style, based on the position, courage to take responsibility, take the initiative, concentrate and walk together.

        Concentric with the customer: always think from the customer's point of view, the customer's demand is our first driving force.

        Concentric with the society: Mezolen SL strives to be the vanguard of social development and make a contribution to a civilized and harmonious society.


Talent sustainable development:

         Based on the long-term corporate culture heritage of Mezolen SL, it has always attached importance to the sustainable development of talents in all aspects.

        We have close cooperation with many universities across the country (such as Catalunia University in Spain, Granada University, etc.). As a traditional European company, it has attracted batch after batch of outstanding engineers to continuously cultivate top talents in the field of flowmeters for the company and the society in terms of management and technology.