Professionalism, initiative, cherishing and harmony are the four basic cores of Mezolen SL culture. Facing the ever-changing internal and external environment, Mezolen SL has developed the concept of "Three Sameness" based on four cores:

        Concentric with employees: Provide a comfortable environment for employees, and continue to work together with them, for high fighting spirit, full enthusiasm, and solid work style, based on the position, courage to take responsibility, take the initiative, concentrate and walk together.
        Concentric with the customer: always think from the customer's point of view, the customer's demand is our first driving force.
        Concentric with the society: Mezolen SL strives to be the vanguard of social development and make a contribution to a civilized and harmonious society.

        Mezolen SL adheres to the values of honesty and trustworthiness, people-oriented, and joins hands with shareholders and employees to innovate the development model, create excellent performance, realize joint construction and sharing, and continuously enhance the sense of gain. Join hands with customers and partners to upgrade products and services, tap industry value, achieve symbiosis and integration, and continuously improve happiness. Join hands with society and the environment, adhere to green development, promote stability and harmony, achieve co-management and co-governance, and continuously enhance the sense of security.