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1. Measurement methods superior to traditional ones

        The ultrasonic flowmeter can solve the flow measurement of all sound-conducting mediums, whether it is liquid or gas, and compared with traditional flow meters, it has the advantages of no maintenance, no pressure loss, high accuracy. , high stability and no pipe diameter limitation.

2. Advanced R&D Group

        With two R&D centers located in Catalonia in Spain and Colorado in the United States, Mezolen has been improving and optimizing products for more than 30 years, which will become more exquisite due to the development of patented technologies.

3. Perfect supply system and high quality after-sales service.

        In a factory with independent ownership rights in the most dynamic economy in the world, the delivery time and the supply of spare parts are more guaranteed. It has multiple after-sales service centers throughout the country, responding to customer needs in a timely manner and ensuring that it provides users with service guarantees within 24 hours.

4. Professional and personalized solutions

        In the field of flow measurement, in addition to standard application products, Mezolen is capable of meeting challenges with customers and providing customized products and solutions. Customers' needs are the force that drives us forward, and it is also the basis of our foothold.

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